‘Tis the season to be jolly, a time to celebrate with our loved ones and finally take that well-deserved holiday. As the festive spirit fills our homes with joy, the question arises: what do we do with our precious cats? As independent as we know they are, even they’ll notice if they haven’t been fed or worshipped for a while. The holiday season, with its bustling activities and travel plans, can pose a challenge for pet owners. Cat boarding is the perfect solution.

While we revel in the festivities, our feline friends often don’t share the same enthusiasm for change and commotion. Our presence merely annoys them sometimes, so why try to add our extended family and the chaos that follows? Even if we are at home, our cats might not want to be. Cat boarding offers a solution that ensures they receive the care they deserve during this special time. Think of it as a cat hotel, designed with the comfort and well-being of your cat in mind.

Choosing cat boarding during the holiday season brings peace of mind, allowing us to enjoy the festivities without worrying about the well-being of our beloved pets. It’s a gift we give not only to ourselves but also to our furry family members, ensuring they experience a safe and nurturing environment as we celebrate the season of joy. So, as we toast to happiness and togetherness, our cats get to enjoy staying away if that’s what is best.

The Biggest Benefits Of Cat Boarding Over The Holiday Season


Cat boarding can offer several benefits for both cats and their owners, especially over the silly season! Here are the top 7 advantages.

Professional Care:

Cat boarding facilities often have experienced and trained staff who are knowledgeable about cat behaviour and care. Professional caregivers can monitor your cat’s health, administer medications if needed, and provide prompt attention in case of emergencies.

Safety and Security:

Boarding facilities are designed with the safety and security of cats in mind. They typically have secure enclosures or rooms, preventing cats from escaping or encountering potential dangers that may exist in an open environment.

Routine and Structure:

Cats thrive on routine and familiarity. Boarding facilities usually provide a structured daily routine that includes feeding, playtime, and social interactions. This can help reduce stress for cats that may be anxious in unfamiliar environments.

Socialisation Opportunities:

Some boarding facilities offer opportunities for cats to interact with other cats (if they are social and enjoy it). This can be beneficial for cats that enjoy the company of their fellow felines, providing mental stimulation and socialisation.

Supervised Exercise and Play:

Boarding facilities often have designated play areas where cats can engage in physical activity and play. This is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing boredom-related behaviours.

Medical Attention:

In case of any health issues or emergencies, boarding facilities are usually equipped to handle basic medical care or can quickly seek veterinary attention. Regular check-ups and monitoring ensure that any health concerns are addressed promptly.

Peace of Mind for Owners:

Cat owners can travel or be away from home with peace of mind, knowing that their feline companions are being well-cared for in a secure and monitored environment. Regular updates and communication from the boarding facility can further reassure owners about their cat’s well-being.

We know each cat has their own different personalities and idiosyncrasies. Some cats may prefer staying in their own environment with a pet sitter, so that’s something you’ll need to consider. We can’t all be social creatures! Before choosing a boarding facility, it’s best to visit and assess the environment, ask about their protocols, and ensure it aligns with your cat’s needs and preferences.

How To Pick The Right Cat Boarding Facility for Your Feline Friend

cat playing with food

When it comes to cat boarding facilities, those with individual cat condos or suites tend to be the safest and the best. At Rosebery Vet, our cat boarding facilities are with our MiaoHaus cat condos, ensuring comfort, hygiene, and environmental enrichment for your feline companions.

For those with multiple cats, adjoining condos can be opened to create a shared space. Our secure play/exercise area allows cats to safely roam, with a rotation system ensuring stress-free individual exercise time. Only pets from the same household interact, providing a secure environment. We supply all essentials, and unless your cat has specific dietary needs, medication, or a favourite toy, there’s no need for you to bring anything.

Benefits of Individual Cat Condos Compared to Other Boarding Facilities

There are a number of other benefits for individual cat condos compared to other cat boarding facilities.

Purr-sonalised Retreats:

Individual cat condos provide a private haven for your feline friend. Cats, known for their independent nature, can relish a space tailored just for them. It’s like a cosy, exclusive getaway where they can lounge in style, undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of a shared environment.

Safety First, Furr-ever:

For our more introverted or cautious kitties, individual condos offer a secure retreat. Shyer cats can relax and explore their surroundings without the stress of potential social interactions. Safety is paramount, ensuring that even the most reserved cats can enjoy their stay without feeling the need to hide their whiskers.

Tailor-Made Enrichment:

Each cat is unique, and their entertainment preferences vary. With individual condos, we can tailor environmental enrichment to match your cat’s personality. Whether they enjoy vertical climbing, cosy hideouts, or interactive toys, our condos become a playground designed just for them, making their stay not just comfortable but delightfully entertaining.

Solo Dining Delights:

Cats can be finicky eaters, and individual condos ensure a quiet dining experience. No need to worry about mealtime skirmishes or sneaky food thieves. Your cat can savor their favourite meals at their own pace, creating a stress-free dining atmosphere.

Home Away from Home, with a Splash of Luxury:

Think of our individual cat condos as a five-star resort for your feline companions. They come equipped with all the essentials, providing a luxurious touch to their stay. From plush bedding to exclusive amenities, your cat gets the VIP treatment, making their time away from home a purr-sonal spa retreat.

Other Cat Boarding Facilities Include:

Traditional Boarding Kennels:

These facilities often have separate areas for cats and dogs. While they provide basic care for cats, individualised attention and amenities may be limited.

Cat-Only Boarding Facilities:

Some boarding facilities exclusively cater to cats, creating a quieter and more cat-friendly environment. These may have communal play areas as well as individual condos for rest and privacy.

Luxury Cat Boarding:

Luxury cat boarding facilities go above and beyond by offering high-end amenities such as spacious condos, comfortable bedding, and additional services like grooming and spa treatments.

Veterinary Boarding Clinics:

Some veterinary clinics provide boarding services. This can be advantageous for cats with medical needs, as trained veterinary staff can monitor and address health concerns.

Resort-Style Cat Boarding:

These facilities are designed to provide a vacation-like experience for cats. They may have themed or decorated condos, larger play areas, and additional services such as webcam access for owners to check on their cats remotely.

Boutique Cat Hotels:

Boutique cat hotels focus on a more intimate and exclusive experience. They often have a limited number of condos, ensuring more individualised attention and care.

Individual Cat Condos:

These are specifically designed to provide each cat with its own private space. Condos are often equipped with comfortable bedding, litter boxes, and sometimes even windows for environmental stimulation. This setup minimises stress and the risk of conflicts with other cats.
Before choosing a cat boarding facility, it’s important to visit, inspect the accommodations, and inquire about their policies, including feeding routines, playtime, and any additional services they offer. What’s perfect for “Cuddles” may not be best for “Admiral Turbo Meowington”, and you know your cat best. But opting for any cat boarding facility over the festive season, could be the right choice to keep them happy and protect them from the craziness around this time, they might not find it as enjoyable as we do.

Rosebery Vet’s MiaoHaus cat condos provide comfort, hygiene, and the opportunity for environmental enrichment. With shared spaces for multiple cats and a secure play/exercise area, your pets can enjoy a stress-free and playful experience. This choice not only guarantees their safety but also relieves you of the burden of bringing supplies, making it a hassle-free and thoughtful decision for both you and your beloved cats during the joyous and busy holiday season. Keep your cat safe and book in today!