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Dog & Cat boarding

Dog and Cat Boarding

Dog & Cat boarding

At Rosebery Veterinary Hospital we understand that there are times when you can’t be with your beloved pets. You may be planning a holiday or have to travel for your job, you may have to spend time in hospital or attend to a family emergency. Whatever the reason you need to be away from your furry friend, you need to know that there is a place where they will be loved and looked after by experienced carers. We offer excellent dog and cat boarding services, where your pets will get all the loving attention and care they are used to at home.

Dog boarding

Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding and kennel service is second to none. We have a hygienic, fully enclosed dog ward with four runs for larger dogs. These are allocated individually or can be shared by dogs from the same household. All our doggy guests are kept in a safe and secure environment where they are unable to wander and get lost or injured. They are taken for daily walks on a leash along with supervised socialisation and outdoor activities. Our boarding services include feeding your pet, including those with special dietary needs and providing ample water to keep them hydrated. If your pet is on medication or has special dietary requirements, we will ensure their needs are met. Medications will be administered by registered vet nurses.

Cat boarding

Cat Boarding

We provide the ultimate in cat boarding with hygienic MiaoHaus cat condos. They are not only comfortable and hygienic but provide environmental enrichment for your furry friends as well. If you have multiple cats, neighbouring condos can be opened up to each other. Our feline guests also have access to a secure play / exercise area where they can safely run around without any risk of getting lost or injured. We rotate cats though the play area so that each has stress free exercise time without conflict. Only pets from the same household will play together at any time. Your cat will be provided with everything they need including food, water and bedding. There is no need for you to bring anything unless your cat has special dietary needs, is on medication or has a favourite toy.

Caring for guests

Caring for our guests

While you are away and your pet is boarding with us, you can relax knowing that your furry friends are in good hands. All of our dog and cat guests are cared for by pet experts who will make them feel at home. We closely supervise all our boarding pets to ensure they remain safe, happy, well fed and receive lots of loving kisses, cuddles and attention. They will get plenty of exercise, play time and stimulation. Pets with special needs are well catered for. Whether their individual requirements are dietary, medical or physical they will be taken care of and managed by our expert carers. Our staff love animals and love to provide your precious pets with a home away from home where they can enjoy a stress free, fun time with us while you are away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?
We are open from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 8pm and on weekends and public holidays from 9:00am to 6pm. The only days we are ever closed are Christmas day and New Year’s day.
Is it necessary to book an appointment?

Yes, in general we recommend that you make an appointment. Walk-in consultations will be accommodated wherever possible , however people with appointments will take priority.

We recommend that NEW CLIENTS arrive 5-10 minutes before their scheduled appointment, to allow time to process the NEW CLIENT and NEW PATIENT REGISTRATION FORMS.

EMERGENCY cases are welcome and will be seen as soon as possible where no appointment has been made.

What is your Policy regarding appointment changes or cancellation?

We ask that you contact us if you know you cannot make an appointment or if you are running late.

Can I pick my pet on the same day they have a dental or surgery procedure?

When you drop your pet off for a procedure, our staff will check your best contact number for the day,  and give you an estimated time for discharge.  Once your pet's procedure has been completed, one of our staff will contact you to set up a discharge appointment.   

What should I do if my pet has an injury or gets sick when you are closed?

We recommend that you take your pet to: 

Sydney Veterinary Emergency Specialists

675 Botany Road, Rosebery

ph: 02 9197 5800

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