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Training For Your Puppy

For all your puppy training needs, Rosebery Vet has partnered with Mark, from Canine Counselling. We’re loving our partnership with Mark, a highly qualified trainer whose expertise is evident in the results he and his trainers achieve. Mark and his team of trainers have fine-tuned their skills to teach your furry friend to be obedient, happy, and healthy. From everyday cues to basic tricks, their positive reinforcement techniques are designed to help your pup become the best version of themselves. Their comprehensive training will also help new puppy owners and their families learn how to build a strong, mutually respectful relationship with their puppy.

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Why Join Our Puppy School?

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Your puppy will learn to comfortably socialise with people and with other puppies of a similar age, in a supervised environment that is fun and safe. Having your puppy trained in social skills will give you peace of mind when taking him or her out in public places. You’ll know that your pet will be well mannered and not aggressive toward humans or other animals.


You’ll receive all the support you need from the dedicated and enthusiastic trainers. They will answer all your puppy related questions and address any concerns you may have about your pet’s progress or behaviour. They’ll help you to increase your puppy handling skills and knowledge. If needed, Mark can offer extra one-on-one individual support, separate from puppy class.

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This training will teach puppy parents:

  • How to build and nurture a strong, trusting relationship with their furry friend
  • How develop and reinforce good manners and polite social behaviour in their puppy
  • How to support their puppy physically, mentally and emotionally
  • How to build communication skills, and how to read doggy body language

Puppies will also develop basic skills including:

  • Understanding and obeying the ‘sit’ cue
  • Coming to you when called
  • Learn to lie down when asked
  • Understand to ‘leave’ when asked

Topics discussed in class:

  • Biting and chewing behaviours
  • Puppy toilet training
  • Jumping up at, or on people and furniture
  • Separation anxiety and boredom behaviours such as;
  • Crying
  • Digging
  • Barking

What Age Do Puppies Go To Puppy School?

This training utilises the latest, best practice techniques and a positive reinforcement method which is most effective if puppies start their training at 8 to 14 weeks old.

If your furry friend is over the age limit for puppy school, you are welcome to book private training at your home. We can provide more personalised solutions for your older dog, or address any specific issues. Teaching an old dog new tricks may take a little more time and patience but it can be done and will benefit you and your dog. Talk to us to find out more about training your older pooch.

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Classes And Booking Options

Classes start approximately every 2 weeks, and are held on a weeknight or a weekend evening. To see upcoming available classes, please click the Book Now button below.”


0448 599 663

When you book your training and pay your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email immediately with details about what to bring to the classes. You’ll also receive a reminder email 24 hours prior to the first class.

We look forward to welcoming pet owners with their precious new puppies, and helping them build a strong foundation for the many years of fun and companionship ahead.

Fine Print

The full balance or the training fee is required to be paid at the first class. Payment is non refundable and can be paid by credit card, eft bank transfer or cash.

At the commencement of training, puppies must be 8 to 14 weeks of age and have proof of their vaccinations to date..

Note: It is NOT necessary for puppies to have completed their full vaccination schedule to participate in training. For further information see links at top of the page

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Classes are Limited to:

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This training will teach puppy parents:

Humans – 2 family members per puppy max (can be different members each week)

Puppies – 3-6 puppies per class


Classes are for 1 hour per week for 5 weeks


Puppies need to have had their first vaccination at least 7 days prior to their first training.

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