Our pets bring boundless joy and companionship into our lives. They share our homes, our hearts, and sometimes even our beds. But did you know that just like us, pets can experience dental health issues? Toothache, decay, cavities, teeth and gum infections, abscesses, and chipped or broken teeth are conditions that affect our furry friends more frequently than we might imagine. Unfortunately, dental diseases in pets can take a toll on their general health and overall well-being.

It’s crucial to keep their teeth and gums healthy to ensure their happiness and longevity. Surprisingly, studies conducted worldwide reveal that over eighty percent of dogs and greater than seventy percent of cats over the age of three years have dental diseases. Yet, these issues often go unnoticed since pets are experts at concealing their pain. Regular veterinary check-ups include dental examinations, but if you suspect your furry friend has a dental problem between these visits, scheduling a dental consultation is vital.

Rosebery Veterinary Clinic is your local veterinarian clinic specialising in dental health for your pet. Our friendly team of highly experienced vets and vet nurses care for your pets as if they were our very own. We are all animal lovers and pet owners ourselves so we understand how you feel. We know your pets are an important part of your family and you want them to have the best standard of care. When your furry friends are not well, it’s stressful for you as well as them.

Dental Disease In Pets. What You Need To Know And What You Need To Do

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Preserving Dental Health from a Young Age

Preventing dental disease in pets starts early in their lives. If you’ve recently welcomed a puppy or kitten into your family, it’s the perfect time to establish good dental care habits. Our staff is here to guide you on keeping their teeth and gums healthy. We’ll offer information on foods that promote dental health, recommend chewable treats, and teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth. These habits can lay the foundation for a lifetime of strong dental health.

The Importance of Professional Cleanings

Even with a diligent at-home dental care routine, pets can develop a build-up of plaque on their teeth over time. To address this, professional dental cleanings are essential. These procedures are performed under anaesthesia, ensuring a thorough and pain-free experience for your pet. During a professional cleaning, accumulated plaque and tartar are removed, leaving your pet’s teeth and gums fresh and clean. Neglecting plaque can lead to tartar buildup, which can result in infections and gum erosion.

Uncovering Hidden Issues

In some cases, pets may experience severe dental conditions that require more in-depth evaluation. Our clinic is equipped with advanced dental imaging equipment, such as radiographs, to provide a deeper look into your pet’s oral health. These images help us determine the best course of action for treatment. In severe cases, tooth extraction might be necessary to prevent further complications. While it may sound alarming, most cats and dogs adapt well to life after a tooth extraction.

Nutritional Guidance for Dental Health

Proper nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining your pet’s dental health. Consult with our knowledgeable staff about foods that help cleanse and strengthen teeth. Many pet food options are designed to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Choosing the right diet can contribute to better oral health and a happier pet.

The Power of Chewing

Chewable treats designed to promote dental health are a convenient way to enhance your pet’s oral hygiene. These treats are not only delicious for your pet but also help reduce plaque and tartar. They can be an enjoyable addition to your pet’s dental care routine.

At-Home Dental Care

Daily at-home dental care is essential to keep your pet’s teeth and gums in optimal condition. Regular brushing can be highly effective in preventing plaque buildup. Our staff can guide you on proper techniques and recommend suitable toothbrushes and toothpaste for your pet.

Recognising Dental Pain

Pets are masters at concealing pain. It’s crucial for pet owners to be vigilant and watch for signs of dental distress. Common indicators include reluctance to eat, pawing at the mouth, bad breath, excessive drooling, and changes in behaviour. If you notice any of these signs, seek immediate veterinary attention.

Senior Pet Dental Care Special Considerations

As pets age, their dental needs evolve. Senior pets may be more susceptible to dental diseases and require more frequent dental check-ups. We offer specialised care tailored to the needs of older pets.

Lifestyle and Dental Health

Stimulating your pet’s mind and encouraging play can have a positive impact on their dental health. Chewing toys and activities can help reduce plaque buildup. Discuss with our staff the best ways to keep your pet’s mind engaged while promoting dental health.
Regular Dental Checks for Your Pets’ Health and Happiness

Just as humans require regular dental check-ups, dogs and cats need them too. Dental health significantly impacts their overall well-being. Routine dental examinations are a vital aspect of preventive care. If we identify any dental issues, we’ll discuss the results with you and recommend appropriate treatments.

Taking care of your pet’s dental health is more than just maintaining their teeth – it’s about preserving their overall health and happiness. When you prioritise their dental well-being from an early age, invest in professional dental cleanings, maintain a nutritious diet, and practise at-home dental care, you’re ensuring your furry friend’s longevity and enhancing their quality of life. Remember, healthy teeth and gums result in a happy, smiling pet that’s always ready to share fresh kisses with you. Your pet’s dental care is a vital part of their well-being, so don’t underestimate its significance.

Rosebery Veterinary Clinic: Your Premier Destination for Pet Dental Care

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At Rosebery Veterinary Clinic, we are deeply committed to the well-being of your beloved pets, and this extends to their dental health. We firmly believe that prevention is the cornerstone of a lifetime of strong dental health for your furry family members. Our unwavering dedication begins when your pets are still young, as puppies and kittens, and we stand as your trusted partners in this journey.

For those who’ve recently welcomed a new furry member into their family, our experienced staff is here to provide invaluable guidance on how to keep their teeth and gums in the best possible condition. We understand that starting your pet on the right dental care routine is vital, and we’re here to help you make informed choices. Our experts can offer comprehensive information about foods that effectively cleanse and strengthen teeth, suggest chewable treats that complement their diet, and provide guidance on establishing a regular tooth-brushing regimen.

Even with a wholesome diet and diligent at-home cleaning, it’s important to recognise that over time, your pet might develop plaque build-up on their teeth. We have the expertise and resources to address this issue. Our professional dental cleanings are a thorough and pain-free process, performed under anaesthesia to ensure your pet’s comfort. During these cleanings, we meticulously remove all accumulated plaque and tartar, leaving your pet’s teeth and gums feeling fresh and clean. We believe that neglecting plaque can have dire consequences, as it solidifies into tartar, which can lead to infection and gum erosion.

In cases where your four-legged friend faces more serious dental issues, we offer advanced dental imaging as part of our comprehensive services. Our cutting-edge radiograph equipment enables us to delve deep into your pet’s oral health, providing us with vital insights for their treatment. In rare but severe situations, tooth extraction may be deemed necessary. Please understand that our primary goal is always to preserve your pet’s teeth. However, if a tooth is severely damaged or diseased, removing it becomes the best course of action to prevent further complications. It’s important to note that most cats and dogs adjust remarkably well and recover fully after a tooth extraction.

When it comes to ensuring the dental health of your pets, Rosebery Veterinary Clinic stands as the clinic of choice. We combine cutting-edge technology, a deep passion for animals, and a commitment to preserving their well-being to offer the highest standards of dental care. Your pet’s health, comfort, and happiness are our top priorities, and we are here to support you every step of the way in their dental care journey. Book in today to discuss your pet’s dental health.